Shagofta Yasmeen


Shagofta Yasmeen

GDC Number: 78131

Dr Yasmeen joined Water Orton Dental Centre in August 23. Yasmeen has a passion for dentistry as well as facial aesthetics.

Dr Shagofta Yasmeen (Dental surgeon) graduated in 2000 from the prestigious university St. Barthlomews & The Royal London School Of Medicine & Dentistry, London. She soon then attained her MFGDP membership to The Royal college of Dental Surgeons London, in 2001.

Dr Yasmeen has a curriculum vitae spanning over 20 years working across NHS, Private and Community dental services. She has extensive knowledge in the speciality of general dentistry; looking after her patients’ oral health from both a holistic and preventative perspective. She mentors and educates her patients to believe that optimum health comes from a life -long commitment to the right informed choices to improve health care outcomes. Dr Yasmeen practices Bio-Hacking and regenerative medicine in her personal life and is excited to share her longevity and wellness hacks so that you too can be rejuvenated and reverse and slow down the biological ageing process. Dr Yasmeen is a Level 7 Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology Practitioner from the acclaimed and highly respected Harley Academy, London. She continues her aesthetic practice in non -surgical aesthetics in London and is pursing her passion for skin health, and anti-ageing, with the with the use of medical grade lasers and skincare.

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