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We're accepting NHS patients

Accepting NHS Dental Patients

Tooth extraction

Remove excess, decayed or broken teeth with extractions & tooth removal.

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  • Remove heavily decayed, damaged or excess teeth
  • We will endeavour to save a tooth rather than remove it
  • Extracted teeth can be replaced with implants
If you are suffering from overcrowding, a heavily decayed/damaged tooth or a wisdom tooth that’s causing you problems, then your best option may be tooth removal.

As responsible dentists we prefer to try and save a tooth rather than remove it, however there are occasions when the removal of a tooth is the best option.

Remove overcrowded teeth

We often see overcrowding in children and the removal of one or more teeth provides the gaps necessary to allow orthodontic braces to straighten the remaining teeth.

Remove decayed or damaged teeth

If your tooth is heavily decayed or damaged and treatments such as crowns are not suitable then the best option may be to remove the tooth.

Replacing extracted teeth

If the removal of a tooth leads to an unsightly gap then we can discuss tooth replacement options such as bridges, implants or dentures with you.

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I was so happy with the results. Throughout the process Dr Sacranie put me at ease and answered all my questions.

November 2016

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Frequently asked questions

Does my tooth have to be removed?

The answer depends on why the teeth needs to be removed. We will endeavour to save a tooth before removing it, and there are some great options available to help us do so. However sometimes it’s inevitable that a tooth has to be removed.

Can you replace my extracted tooth?

Yes. We have a range of options including dental bridges and dental implants to replace extracted teeth.

What are the costs?

A full list of our services and pricing is published here. Many patients join Denplan to help spread the costs of their dental treatments.

How do I book an appointment?

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Accepting NHS Dental Patients   We're accepting NHS patients

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