Teeth straightening

Straighten wonky teeth and reduce gaps with a range of orthodontic braces.

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  • Straighten wonky and misaligned teeth
  • Reduce gaps and overcrowding between teeth
  • Invisible braces are a discreet option
If you have misaligned, wonky or gappy teeth we can arrange for a consultation to straighten your teeth and remove your gaps with a range of orthodontic braces.

We are able to refer you for a range of teeth straightening solutions from traditional braces (great for aligning childrens’ teeth) to invisible braces (great for adults looking for a discreet solution).

Teeth straightening services can take between a few weeks to 9 months to complete, depending on your individual case. During treatment you will be required to attend a number of checkup appointments to allow your progress to be tracked and adjust the brace for you.

Teeth straightening services are very popular and we are able to refer you to a highly experienced team in resolving teeth alignment issues.

Fixed brace

Fixed brace

A fixed brace, also known as ‘train tracks’ is a traditional option to straighten your teeth. It’s a common brace for children and allows a consistent level of pressure to be applied to adjust the teeth to their desired position.



Invisalign is the highly popular solution for adults wanting a discreet solution. Invisalign is also known as ‘invisible braces’ because they are hard to spot. The Invisalign braces are changed regularly to move your teeth into their new position.

Lingual brace

Lingual brace

Lingual braces work in a similar way to fixed braces, but the difference is they sit on the inside of your upper and/or lower teeth. Lingual braces provide a discreet straightening option.

Maintaining straight teeth

Once your teeth have been straightened they can slowly work their way back towards their original position. A retainer, provided once the brace has been removed and worn usually at night, helps to keep your teeth in their new position.

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    I was so happy with the results. Throughout the process Dr Sacranie put me at ease and answered all my questions.

    November 2016

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    Frequently asked questions

    What’s the best option for me?

    The answer depends on what you want to achieve and your suitability for each brace. To determine this we are able to arrange a comprehensive consultation to determine the best course of treatment for you.

    How long does it take to straighten my teeth?

    Again this depends on your particular case. Minor alignment issues can be resolved in a matter or weeks, whereas more complex treatment may take up to 9 months. You will be advised during your consultation how long you can expect treatment to take.

    Is teeth straightening painful?

    Teeth straightening isn’t painful, but there are times when it won’t be fully comfortable. Straightening your teeth involves adjustments at the gum and bone level, which will undoubtedly lead to some discomfort at times. The discomfort is most noticable once the brace has been installed and after each adjustment. We try to keep discomfort to a minimum, but the results are certainly worth it.

    How do I clean my teeth with a brace?

    With a fixed or lingual brace you will need to pay particular attention to where the brace attaches to the tooth to ensure food deposits don’t build up. With Invisalign the brace is removable so you can continue cleaning your teeth as normal.

    Are retainers available to help keep my teeth straight?

    Yes retainers are available. Retainers are not suitable for everyone, but you will be offered one in your treatment plan if it’s necessary.

    What are the costs?

    A full list of our services and pricing is published here.

    How do I book an appointment?

    Please get in touch to discuss a referral to a dental practice we work closely with based in Shirley, Solihull.

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