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Dental Implants are available at Water Orton Dental Centre and Solihull Dental Centre & Implant Clinic (Sister practice).
Dental Implants are placed by either Dr Sacranie or Dr Eleftheriou.

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Dr Stavros Eleftheriou

A highly qualified individual with extensive experience in Implantology – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in an international setting. Rich professional training has focused on the oral-facial structures and surrounding area. Exemplary track record in undertaking a broad range of surgical procedures.

Dr Stavros is a specialist oral surgeon in the UK with extensive experience in implant dentistry. He is a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Cyprus. Prior to focusing his time solely on implantology, the internationally renowned clinician was working in hospitals for 12 years.

With a wealth of training focused on the oral-facial structures and surrounding area, he has accomplished a broad range of major surgical procedures, including:

· Facial trauma

· Head and neck oncologic surgery
· Facial reconstructive surgery
· Orthognathic surgery
· Cosmetic facial surgery
· Oral surgery
· Implant surgery

Dr Stavros has authored several publications and presented to many professional audiences. From 2003-2015, he ran his own private practice.

An ethical and caring practitioner with excellent interpersonal, leadership and language skills, he is passionate about his commitment to providing quality care to help every one of his patients achieve a lifetime of excellent dental health.

Dr Stavros has placed more than 7,000 implants, carried out thousands of bone grafting cases – simple and complex – and has performed several hundred full arch cases.

Dentist | Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery | GDC No. 113153

What does he treat?

· Simple implants

· All-on-X
· Teeth in a day
· Zygomatic implants, Nazalus implants, Pterygoid implants
· Guided bone grafting
· Sinus lifts
· Vertical and horizontal bone grafts
· Oral surgery

What is his surgical expertise?

Dr Stavros trained in oral and maxillofacial surgery and in general surgery.

He treats the oral and facial structures and surrounding area and has performed thousands of successful operations in oral, maxillofacial and implant surgery around the globe.

A wealth of clinical experience underpins his exemplary knowledge.

His work focuses primarily on advanced and complex Implantology, on bone grafting and regeneration and reconstruction of the jaw.

Dr Stavros lectures nationally and internationally on advanced implantology, on bone reconstruction and regeneration and on complex full arch implant cases.

He travels the globe extensively to stay abreast of the innovations that shape his areas of clinical expertise.

Want to refer a patient?

Dr Stavros is passionate about providing all patients with the highest standards of clinical care. He takes pride in the trusted partnerships he has established via his referral network.

He is happy to speak to referring doctors about individual cases and will see patients on referral.

What’s new?

Dr Stavros strives to offer patients cutting-edge procedures that deliver the optimum treatment outcomes – safely and efficiently.

He is extremely motivated and places a significant emphasis on continuous professional development, constantly striving to enhance knowledge within this fascinating and extremely rewarding discipline.

Dr Stavros is a Key Opinion Leader for:

· Southern Implants UK & Ireland
· Cervico VPI System
· Devemed GmbH.

He trains and mentors implant dentists in:

· Basic implant surgery
· Bone grafting and bone regeneration
· Phlebotomy, preparation of PRF and use in implantology and oral surgery
· The use of Cervico by VPI to create ideal soft tissue profiling around dental implants
· The use of Versah Osseodensification System
· Full arch cases – All on X, Zygomatic Implants, Nazalus implants, Pterygoid Implants.

A dental implant can restore your bite, smile and confidence by replicating the natural aesthetics and function of a missing tooth.

A dental implant is a relatively new aesthetic treatment that blends in seamlessly with natural teeth to act as a substitute for a missing tooth – functionally and aesthetically.

A dental implant acts as an artificial replacement for a tooth root, which is placed into the jaw to help anchor restorations.

It can be a life-changing procedure for those suffering with unsightly gaps where teeth should be.

A dental implant is usually made from biocompatible titanium, a material that fuses with existing bone in a process called osseointegration.

Once it is surgically placed into the jawbone, the dental implant acts as the foundation for a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing crown.

It enables bone to eventually grow onto the surface, making it more stable.

Dental implants are particularly suited to people affected by periodontal disease or anyone who has had an injury to the mouth. They offer a permanent solution for the treatment of infected teeth and are a more aesthetically pleasing – and more comfortable – solution than dentures.
Dental implants are widely evidenced to be the best way of restoring missing teeth and have a 95% success rate.

One of the major advantages of providing dental implants is that there is no need for unnecessary tooth destruction of the adjacent teeth to provide bridgework.

And, as it is a stand-alone structure, a dental implant is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Join thousands of others in choosing restorations that lasts.

All-on-X dental implants is a revolutionary treatment in which a whole set of new teeth are supported by a number of implants.

For patients with multiple missing teeth, the All-on-X treatment techniques help to fill the gaps where teeth should be to improve both aesthetics and function of the mouth.

The procedure means that ‘all’ teeth are supported on a number of dental implants.

The dental implants used in this procedure are specially designed for immediate function and typically do not require bone grafting.

It’s best suited to patients without teeth, for patients with cracked or decayed teeth or for those patients with teeth at risk due to serious gum disease.

The treatment offers an efficient and reliable restoration for patients who have minimum bone volume.

All-on-4 and All-on-6

For patients with multiple missing teeth, the All-on-4 and All-on- 6 (ALL ON X) treatment techniques help to fill the gaps where teeth should be to improve both aesthetics and function of the mouth.

The procedure means that ‘all’ teeth are supported on four of six dental implants. It’s best suited to patients without teeth or for patients with teeth that are cracked, decayed or with their stability and health at risk due to serious gum disease.

The treatment offers an efficient and reliable restoration for patients who have minimum bone volume.

Guided bone grafting can restore the natural contours of the teeth and gums in a natural way to ensure dental implant stability.

Sometimes, due to infection, tooth decay or bone shrinkage, there may not be enough bone to place implants effectively for the long term.

In such circumstances, Dr Stavros will carry out bone grafting. This is a surgical procedure that ensures there is sufficient bone to place dental implants, whilst revitalising and rejuvenating the appearance of the face.

During the procedure, Dr Stavros will place a material into the area where there is insufficient bone to promote bone regeneration.

Guided bone regeneration is the procedure where a membrane is placed over the bone graft material providing an environment that is conducive to bone regeneration. The membrane also protects the site from scar tissue.

Dr Stavros offers same-day solutions to replace multiple missing teeth using the most up-to-date innovative approach to restoration.

Teeth in a Day is an implant-assisted solution. Dental implants are placed and fully functioning teeth attached – all in single visit. This means you immediately benefit from an efficient and effective restoration.

These full arch dental implant restorations, in which all diseased teeth are removed, implants fitted, and a temporary version of your teeth are placed offers a safe and effective solution.

Once healing has occurred several months later, the permanent teeth will be placed.

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